Mixed Martial Arts

Hakuzan-Kai wants to teach both self-defense and self-developmental martial arts

Many self-defense techniques in Hakuzan-Kai are developed from the techniques of Hakkoryu Jujutsu, which is one of many martial arts schools in Japan; however, those techniques require a long time to master before you can use them to defend yourself in the real world when someone attacks you. They are powerful, yet difficult to master without a balance of body and mind. Most people, even very skillful martial artists, will find it difficult to exercise fine motor control when under stress.On the other hand, learning to perform a fast strike to the throat may be the right response when you are threatened.

In Japan, martial arts (bujutsu) were a product of frequent battles between leaders of land areas. At that time, soldiers learned and trained in everything that would keep them alive. Their main weapon was the sword but empty hand skill was also used in close combat. After a long period of peace, life and death struggle was not an every day affair, even for soldiers but there was a strong desire to keep martial arts alive. This was a time when martial arts specialties developed in the form of may martial systems/schools (ryu). In modern times people do not have unlimited time to devote to martial arts but that does not mean they lack desire for self-defense and self-development. Therefore we attempt to recombine these goals into one system with the focus on self-development but an eye on easily-learned self-defense and practical application of jujutsu techniques.